Bitcoin powers El Salvador
and your financial future.

Peseta helps you save, grow, and get fair loans for a better life.

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How does it work?

We provide loans with fair conditions to women and communities that help them improve their financial health.

Financial health is an important factor in our daily life. Yet, bad financial habits are plaguing the world. Over 90% of the global population is either living paycheck-to-paycheck without any savings, or is not able to acknowledge the disruptive change that is happening to the financial system.

Bitcoin is leading this change and enabling a broad ecosystem of equitable financial services without intermediaries. However, most people – especially those in most need – don't have access to this new world.

Our main focus is on empowerment of women and merchants to improve their lifestyle and benefit from the latest financial technologies. We care especially for vulnerable populations such as victims of violence and micro merchants from poor communities, to whom we aim to provide support using digital tools and mentor network.

You can quickly create your profile, set a goal and apply for a loan. You will get an instant offer thanks to Growr – the global decentralized protcol for lending, running on top of the Bitcoin network.

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Fair loans made easy.

The Peseta app is a simple and secure way for consumers and merchants to easily apply for loans on top of the Bitcoin network. Peseta especially empowers women, often locked out of the traditional loan process, to quickly obtain fair loans at low interest rates using open banking data and smart contracts.

Link account

Link your bank account and social profiles to Peseta to create your personal financial identity.

Apply for loans

Use the Peseta app and your financial identity to apply for a loan and get an instant response.

Manage your loans

The Peseta app has all the tools to manage every aspect of your loan transactions, withraw the amount to your Chivo wallet and easily pay it off to build your credit score.

Learn and earn

Learning the features and benefits of Bitcoin through short tutorials earns you fractional bitcoin to build wealth and pay off loans.

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Securely apply for and manage your loans right from your Peseta app. Here are some of the most important features that makes it a smart choice.

Fair interest rates

Streamlined and user friendly
Connects to your Chivo wallet
Blockchain-based financial ID
Learn and earn
Superb security